Welcome to ESL.
The Switch is On.

Switching to your new ESL account is as easy as E-S-L (1-2-3)!

Congratulations and thanks for switching up your banking to ESL.

  • We're excited to start our relationship with you and want to help you start using your ESL account right away! With just a few clicks and some information from both your new and old checking accounts, the ESL SwitchKit will help you transition from your old account so you can get the most out of your new ESL account.
  • Click here to get started with ESL SwitchKit
    • To make your switch quickly and easily, you'll need to have some information handy. Take a moment now and gather this information:
    • ESL Account information
    • Direct Deposit - name, address, employee and/or account numbers
    • Automatic Payments - name, address, account numbers, payment amounts
    • Former Financial Institutions - name, address, account numbers, routing numbers
image description Routing Number

Then, just follow the easy instructions within the ESL SwitchKit. Once completed, here is what you'll get:

  • 1. Customized letters for you to print, sign and mail to help transition to your new ESL account. These include letters to switch your
    • Direct Deposits - make sure incoming deposits like payroll checks, pension payments or dividend fund payments reach your new account. To set up government based deposits like Social Security, visit www.godirect.gov.
    • Automatic Payments - Stop automatic payments (such as utilities, credit cards, gym memberships, insurance premiums) from sweeping your old account and begin paying these items automatically from your new account
    • Account Closures - Close your old account. No need to make a trip to your old bank!
  • 2. Personalized check list to track your progress
  • 3. Online Bill Pay Worksheet helps you collect the information you need to easily set up bill payments using ESL Bill Pay service (it's free!)

Choose what you want to set up: